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London Bombing

7th July 2005


It is at times of adversity, that humanity really digs deep into it's soul and discovers who it truly is.

The efficiency of the response by emergency services demonstrated the benefit of prepared organisation, but much more than that was shown this day by all those involved.

Ordinary people taking care of each other is part, but also the stoicism of those that picked themselves up and continued on again. The message loud and clear - that they will not give in to fear. When media crews were trying to whip up a frenzy and turn a crisis into drama, those involved were the ones showing the world the real meaning of courage. The courage to play down their efforts or their pain, the courage to continue daily life in the aftermath of this destruction, without conceding to fears nor vindicating terrorist tactics.

Spiritually, this event has brought out the greatest of humanity from many souls, whether rising above fear, accepting great loss, dealing with pain or giving to others from their heart. Traumatic events are like a lens in their ability to focus humanity to a point of understanding what is truly important in life. Sometimes it has to get really bad, before humanity collectively starts to say "enough is enough".

When it comes down to the crunch, it's who you are under the make up that counts. It's people that truly matter - family, friends, spouse, children, as well as those in need that you've never met before, but who in that moment need your hand to hold, or your support. At defining moments, our actions express who we really are, both individually and communally.

Whatever the motive of those who perpetrated this attack, the outcome of events will ultimately be down to humanity to decide. The actions of the community in the aftermath, will express who we are in the crowd. Whether the rest of the segregated world huddles that bit closer together in their own confines, locks more doors and tightens their "security net" in the hope of feeling safe again, or whether as a community with consciousness we can choose something better.

This event may seem like a gift to those who's agenda is to clamp down further, to put in place more restrictions, less openness and which as a consequence may lead to less accountability. In the name of national security, what rights and freedoms may be given away? Within 24hrs of the bombing, leaflets warning passengers to be vigilant for suspicious packages, were apparently being distributed in American train stations - was this an example of extreme efficiency in response to the event or were some people just waiting for it to happen?


Perhaps a lasting memorial to those who died, could come from addressing the real causes of insecurity. Inequality between individuals as well as between nations is what drives the desparate and which fuels terrorist causes.

The G8 agenda on poverty and global climate change was meant to be a start in the right direction. The massive demonstration by millions of people in Britain and around the globe for Live 8 should be mandate enough for all leaders to know the will of their people. Are they listening?

The "spirit" of London is already starting to shine out from this tragic event.

Let it be a beacon to ignite humanity's true spirit toward resolution of global problems.

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