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Crucial Emotions Can Cause Change!

In Astrology we are at a Mars retrograde. This means Mars has stopped it's forward motion and is moving backwards. Not in actuality as it is an illusion.The last time this happened was May 12,2001-July 20.2001, shortly before September 11,2001 happened.

On August 27,2003 at 5:51am Mars will be at 34,646,418 miles apart from the earth. This is the closest Mars has ever been in recorded history. The vibratory energy might cause some severe weather problems and nerves to be over heated for some time after this position of Mars.

Here we all are on the remembrance Eve, of the Destruction of September 11,2001.

Where have our minds been in the last yrs?
What have we been doing since this date to make this world a better place?
Have our lives been drastically changed and it seems that with one step forward we go twelve steps back?
Has it been a struggle to keep moving?
Have we been afraid to step out of our own lives to lend a helping hand?
Have we noticed the opportunities that we have let slip through our fingers because our own fears?
Have we grasped the meaning of what has happened to all of us in the past two years in our own reality?
Will we have to go through what we did on September 11,2001 again?

Through the eyes of Astrology we can rest easy because a nuclear holocaust is not on the way. There will be skirmishes and lives will be lost but not on massive scales, as in the past.

There will be accidents due to heated emotions as the fiery energy goes inside each soul on this earth from July 30-September 28,2003.

During this time we internalize this energy. It could be in the form of passion, anger, a need to get off our derrieres and get moving. Whatever energized vibratory force it takes in each of us we can be assured it is for the best if we use it to for the highest good. This energy is a changing and turning point for each of us.

Have you been looking for a mate, more money, more opportunities to travel, the need for that perfect friend, a lost partner, a lost parent, a lost child or have you been searching inside yourself for the lost child within? Has someone from your past come back into your life or you have been thinking about them? Is there someone in the hospital that you have not taken the time to go and visit? Now is the time to cleanse our agendas of life and to move forward, letting go of the past as we move in to the future. Pick up the phone and call those friends you long for.

Has there been a need to connect with something higher? Take that step to connect the soul within. Fill your soul with positive energy. It is time to cleanse the soul in each of us. It is time to look at the world through the eyes of love and compassion.

During this time it is not wise to make decisions because they would be snap decisions and the regrets will come later. If you find yourself in a
situation where a snap decision is needed, weigh all costs for further down the road. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances at this time are a wake up call to our soul's purpose. In other words at this time the decision we make may mean that we are getting back on track, so if this is your case go with what is in your heart but take the blinders off and realize what it is you have been searching and yearning for.

If you have been asking "why" has life been handing me nothing but hard times then start to question the why's of your situation. I have found through my life I was my own worst enemy. I needed something but I didn't feel worthy to have it deep down inside. So even though I prayed for it I was spending so much time thinking negatively about the situation I didn't have time to think positively on it. Had I spent more time on thinking positive thoughts instead of undermining my own thinking, life would have been a lot easier. So in reality are we holding ourselves back because we feel unworthy, unloved or just too tired that it doesn't seem to matter anymore.

My point in all of this is the fact with Mars retro in Pisces it is a good time to get to know what you are feeling and to work from there. There will be times of ambivalence during this period but when we finally grasp the situation it will be an 'aha' moment that we so desperately need. Dig deep inside yourself and pull out the emotions that no longer work for you.

Example: You are at the grocery store. You are running late to your next appointment so you look for that shortest line in the grocery store only to find that someone beat you to it. You are seething inside and now it is important to calm down and realize that this minute in life is teaching you patience and through patience of others we begin to understand the patience in ourselves. Soon we might strike up a conversation and this little incident might change our lives. We might realize how short life is and how we don't always have to be on the fast track. Time to smell the roses.

During this period it is good to re-evaluate our lives and time to let go of
behaviors that are detrimental to our human growth. We can begin to have dreams or visions and it is important to write these things down when we wake up. This will allow us to see how far we have come from the past and sometimes the messages that the dreams or visions carry could help us figure out certain situations that have bothered us. We might find solutions to old problems.

Mars is the all consuming energy drive and passion in our lives.

During this time it is important to figure out what we are seeking. As Neptune hosts the house Mars is sitting in right now it is good to hold back until further knowledge is obtained about situations.

Neptune and Mars together create steam or fog and sometimes our windshield wipers don't work fast enough to see through the fog. It would be a good time to access inner emotions and at the end of September we can take what we have learned and move forward on our hopes and dreams. At this time be careful with electricity, water and sometimes the overpowering feeling of wanting to escape life. Stay away from drugs and alcohol as you will want to be cognizant of the inspirations that are coming through. Solutions can be found at this time if we don't give up.

Each one of us had a wake up call on September 11,2001. All of us mourned the loss of so many lives that we did not know personally. We all cried in unison for the families of these loved ones. We were connected, we acknowledged that we were all in pain and started to question how this could happen.

Could it have been foreseen by Astrology? Yes, it could have been but who would believe that planes would actually be taken over and fly into buildings? Just like in Noah's day he spent years preaching that God was going to allow rain to come from heaven when no one in that time had ever seen rain. Why should anyone believe? It is just too unbelievable when you actually think about it.

We do not have the same Astrological set up we had on September 11,2001. We do have some situations that will need to be handled but nothing as destructive as 9/11. I believe that at this time there will be a greater healing going on worldwide. People will start to acknowledge others through more love and compassion after September. I believe that peace will come but not for a while as we are still in the learning stages of what mankind can do if we just put our hearts and heads together in unison to cheer on this kind of internal peace.

As Mars gets closer to earth he expends more energy towards all of us.

We will feel like fighting and winning but at what cost? We will begin to examine our own lives and throw away our old attitudes as we realize they will not work anymore if we are to gain a higher understanding of the human condition and how frail we all are in this world. The fact is if we all work together and pray and show the needed love when asked we are learning the most important lesson in life, LOVE. Love is the acceptance of things we cannot change and to change those things we can change. If we only have the power to change ourselves and we each do it then we are accessing the gifts God has given to us and I
believe we can change the world through this love.

Many blessings to everyone in this journey.

Catherine (11th August 2003)

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