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Romance & Numerology  

Wouldn't it be good if you could see someone's "romance factor" before you say yes to that first date? Or, look beyond the preliminary "chat up" routines and tell whether there is any staying power in the "romance and passion" or whether romance will get ditched as soon as they have got their feet under your table!

Numerology can give you a few clues to the underlying trend and maybe help you to spot the "learned patter" from the "true intent".

First some maths, using the date of birth. This will give an indicator of core values of the person, from the sum of all it's numbers ie the Ruling Number. For example 13/9/1967 gives a ruling number of 1+3+9+1+9+6+7 = 36. The 3 and 6 are then added together to make 9 the ruling number for this particular birth date.

So, who are the Romeos in numerology? Which numbers suggest a suitor will serenade their Juliet on the balcony? Or, which numbers tell you that your man is the strong, silent, rugged type who would feel more comfortable climbing Everest than tackling the challenge of a perfume counter or lingerie store.

Alternatively, if you are looking for your Miss Right and not sure whether you are going to end up with the princess as your prize or the dragon, read on.

Here is what the ruling numbers can tell you about your mate.

Ruling Number 1 - The independent type.

HIM - Whatever his interests, he will be happiest doing things his way. If you are happy for him to lead the way, then he probably won't mind if you tag along - stay or go probably won't make much difference to him and yes, he'll most likely be the one climbing Everest! You will probably need to remind him of anniversaries though, because his thoughts will ever be onwards and upwards.

HER - She has an indepent streak, but is also so good at fitting in, you may not notice - at first. Wisdom comes with age, along with assertiveness, so be prepared to move over later on in life when she has finally made up her mind which way she actually wants to go and steps in to take over the reins.

Ruling Number 2 - The empathic sponge.

HIM - He will be much more in touch with his feminine side and be highly intuitive - will know when it is time to duck and when to run for cover. He will generally sense when you are feeling down and will probably join in with your mood swings. On the whole will be happy in partnerships or letting others lead the way.

HER - Just take her hand gently and she will follow you to the ends of the earth. She is sensitive to her environment and every one else's feelings around her, so protect her from all those big, bad, nasty things out there and you will go far in this relationship. Remember though, that that also includes your bad tempers and moods - she'll only soak it all up and give it back to you again.

BOTH - Ideal gifts would be a weekend retreat for 2 or a romantic meal.

Ruling Number 3 - The fun lover.

HIM - Laugh a minute, good time all round. He will often be the life and soul of the party and a true comedian. But don't cross him, because he could also have a temper that might kick like a mule! Gifts will vary from the sublime to the ridiculous, they will not be ordinary although may be forgotten - oops, sorry I forgot the time I was enjoying myself so much!

HER - A happy socialite and whose anthem might be "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!". Vivacious, flirtacious - catch me if you can! However, remember that there are 2 sides to every coin and that much fun on one side is a measure of how much trouble it might cost if you upset her.

Ruling Number 4 - Let's get physical!

HIM - Often! Is this a man or an octopus? Down to earth and big on the security of material things. Won't respond well to change and won't understand mood swings. Will have a very practical approach to gifts - you can be sure whatever he buys you, will be useful, maybe valuable, but unlikely to be imaginative.

HER - Love is real when it is physical and she'll want to get her hands on you - there is no doubt. When she's frisking you though, it is as much for the measure of your wallet as your personal assets. Not necessarily a gold digger, but there is a whole package that she is considering and long term security is big on her agenda. Practical gifts are especially valued.

Ruling Number 5 - Here today, gone tomorrow.

HIM - It was good while it lasted, but "don't hem me in". Mr Freedom, will love to travel, will always have a new horizon to reach and new fields to explore. Like a bar of soap, he'll slip through your fingers the tighter you squeeze. Most likely gift would be a postcard saying "wish you were here!"

HER - Like a butterfly - flitting from flower to flower. She has so much love to give, it can be easily stifled if not given enough freedom to embrace all her wishes and desires. Her gift to you is herself, while ever she is with you.

Ruling Number 6 - The home lover.

HIM - He will just slot right in with his feet under your table, his socks in your laundry basket and just love to be loved. Creative and romantic, happy to stay in and watch TV with his loved one - he may get so close you'll "wear him", so if and when you decide you've had enough, you'll need a crow bar to lever him out!

HER - Her reason to BE is family - children, spouse, parents, siblings - in about that order. She will take care of everyone and live her life through them. If you find it difficult to have one breath for two people then you may feel a bit stifled (but very, very, well looked after) with this one - your choice!

Ruling Number 7 - The Learner

HIM - Will want to experience everything, all ways and every way. Will try so hard to impress, he'll likely fall flat at your feet. If there are 2 ways to do a thing, you can bet he will take the longest route, the hardest path, the most costliest experience and spend hours with his shrink sorting out where he went wrong with it all. Life and gifts will be varied, and he'll say it with flowers ("Sorry" the most frequent greeting).

HER - Like him, she'll tend towards doing things the hard way and more likely to take several attempts to find her Mr Right. If you meet her early on in life, expect to get dropped as she discovers that you don't actually meet her criteria for "knight in shining armour" status. She will no doubt have to try on many "glass slippers" anyway before she finds one to fit.

Ruling Number 8 - I'm in control!

HIM - It's my way or no way! He'll know the value of a dollar and exactly how much is in his wallet - this one's not likely to be frivolous or flash his hard earned money around. You won't experience the champagne lifestyle with this fish - too much fizz and not enough substance (even if he has got pots in the bank). Gifts will be measured - but when you do strike it lucky it could be with gold or diamonds (something definitely value for money).

HER - She has a keen eye for a bargain and profitable financial investments, but will know how to spend yours. She may love you very deeply, but don't go all mushy on her and expect flowery sentiments in return. Straight to the point gestures such as with a diamond ring will say much more than mere words can express.

Ruling Number 9 - The Crusader

HIM - He's a real lionheart. Romantic ideals will drive this knight who will succumb to every hard luck story and crusade. You'll never be rich, but you can be happy in the knowledge of the many people that have benefited from his kindness, of the whales that have been saved and the forests re-grown due to his humanitarian efforts. Gifts? Well, you'll probably need to lend him the money because all his went on worthy causes.

HER - She probably has scuff marks down her back - she has laid down so many times for others to walk all over her, that she easily gets mistaken for the doormat. If you're looking for a housekeeper, a replacement for your mother, and generally some one to pick up after you, you found an easy catch with this one - her love of service to others will time and again have her doing your bidding. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch and how she extracts payment from you will usually be too subtle for you to understand.

This is only part of the numerology picture on "romance", but you get the gist....

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