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Numerology Profile - SAMPLE

This is an example of the comprehensive "Whole of Life Profile" numerology chart that is available from this web site.  It contains detailed information on all aspects of your personality in the following sections: 


Numerology Delineation For
Phoebe Rose Elliott
July 23, 1962



First Name:       33/6 MASTER TEACHER     Phoebe
Middle Name:      3    CREATOR            Rose
Last Name:        3    CREATOR            Elliott
Day of Birth:     5    ADVENTURER         Major personality trait
Birthpath:        3    CREATOR            Natural ability/attitudes
Destiny:          3    CREATOR            Purpose and contribution
Realization:      6    TEACHER            Ultimate achievement
Heart's Desire:  11/2  INSPIRER           Inner motivation
Personality:      1    LEADER             Outward appearance
Habit Challenge:  8    OPINIONATED/STERN  Negative tendencies

          Pinnacles    Challenges      Ages
          ---------    ----------      ----
First :       3            2        33 to 41
Second:     14/5           4        42 to 50
Third:        8            2        51 to 59
Fourth:     16/7           2        60 onwards

Go to top of page Personal Year: 5 Month: 1

What if some of the numbers in your chart
appear to contradict each other?

It may be helpful to think of the numbers as representing the variety of "voices" within you. Often individual numbers seem to contradict one another. In the first place, inconsistency is part of human nature. Second, there are many influences on us throughout our lives; this is why a single number can never give us a complete, accurate picture of ourselves. You may find that a number prominent in your chart is foreign to your understanding of yourself. Perhaps you have a Seven Destiny, but don't feel that you are on a spiritual path. If you are relatively young, you may not have had a chance to develop this side of your personality yet. Or perhaps another number has been influencing you up until this time, promoting other experiences.

You may gradually develop a familiarity, even affection, for certain parts of yourself as you come to recognize them. Yet suddenly you may find that unusual or stressful situations bring out other parts of yourself that surprise you. This is why you must always consider your entire Numerology Chart to obtain a true reading.

Go to top of pageDay of Birth = 5


The Day of Birth is the first personal number we are aware of. It is a powerful indicator of your point of view and general stance in the world. If, by chance, the first name also carries the same reduced number, the lesson of the number is very strongly accented.

Use the Day of Birth to identify a general characteristic in yourself and look to see how it is supported (or overridden) by your other major numbers. This will give you a distinct clue as to how you function. If the Day of Birth does not seem to fit yourself, it may be that the major number totals affect it in unexpected ways.

General Analysis for the Day of Birth = 5

In general, Fives are active, adaptable, curious people who insist on their independence. They prefer flexible hours and will always add a new dimension to whatever they do. Fives are very good salespeople -- gregarious and persuasive. Fives love a good deal and want to be successful. They are spontaneous and know how to take advantage of an opportunity. They move quickly and do not brood over losses. They are charming, not always too serious, and love being the devil's advocate.

Fives open new territory, promote big business deals, and do not accept the word "can't."

Specific Analysis

Because you were born on the 23rd, you are extremely independent and self-sufficient. You may have an eccentricity for which you are known.

You may be interested in art and music or new age ideals. You have an interesting way of viewing life and turn events to your advantage.

Verbal, expressive, witty, and, at times, defiant, you can be petty and critical under stress. Generally, however, you excel in persuasion and know what other people will buy. You may appear youthful a long time.

Go to top of pageBirthpath = 3

Who am I?
What do I do best?
What are my natural abilities?


The answers to these questions are found in your Birthpath number.

This number indicates who you are as you begin life -- your natural tendencies, your abilities, your attitude toward the world. It is the unchangeable aspect of your chart, and therefore denotes your basic and eternal qualities.

Even though you may have the same Birthpath number as someone else, differences in the month, day and/or year will account for variations you may see between their attitudes and yours.

The lessons of your month number tend to dominate your life until approximately age 28. The lessons of your day of the month tend to dominate your life until approximately age 56. The lessons of your year number tend to dominate your life after 56.

Birthpath is the sum of all your birth date numbers.

Analysis for the Number 3

expressive joyful
social scattered
charming easygoing
visionary joking
friendly pleasure-loving

As a Three, you have a talent for visualization, for making others see what possibilities exist. You have an open heart and want others to be happy, too. Many friends and a sense of belonging are vital to your well-being.

You love the easy life -- pleasure, spontaneity. You will contribute a sense of the decorative and fun through gifts, creations, jokes, flowers, colour, toys, and items of luxury. The lifestyle and pace of the entertainment world would be a natural environment for you.

You have a tendency to sidestep the practical aspects of living unless you can see a direct benefit to yourself or others. You may want to put things off, to live in the moment. You have a knack for convincing others and can even fall for your own rhetoric. You can give things away easily, knowing more will come your way. In business, your carefree attitude may alienate more serious types. Cultivating social contacts contributes greatly to your success, so be sure the dues are paid up for your networking group!

It is important for parents of a Three Birthpath child to recognize his or her creativity and to give praise for projects brought to completion (especially if the child's birthday is in March or December). A firm but sensitive approach is helpful in encouraging discipline while allowing necessary time for daydreaming and playing.

The vivid imagination of the Three may create invisible friends or "tall tales." You have great energy and vitality and a need for stimulation and diversity. Completion is not the most important aspect of a project to you.

Generally, the Three Birthpath is one of positive outward expression and only becomes negative when a sense of humour is lost or where opportunities are left unfulfilled through lack of follow-through. Out of balance you tend to be over-talkative, self-indulgent, escapist, reckless, or profligate. You are surprisingly vulnerable to outside criticism and may react in a childish, impulsive manner, later regretting your words, but tending to rationalize your behaviour. Be careful not to get stuck in a bad position through your vanity or selfishness.

A natural flirt and romantic, you enjoy the trappings of courtship more than the responsibilities of marriage. You are more generous with your possessions than with yourself. It is easy for you to "go with the flow" because your natural psychic guides usually manage to bring you out on top in difficult situations.

Go to top of pageDestiny = 3

What is my goal in life?
What will I be most successful doing?
What is the best direction to take?
What will be my major accomplishment?


Your Destiny number describes what you have been born to accomplish -- the mission or purpose you must fulfill. Your opportunities, your environment, and your inner resources are directly related to your Destiny number. It is what you must do.

The Destiny number is derived from the reduced number totals of each of your names. It is important to remember that your Destiny is the area that must be explored, mined, and developed in order for your soul to continue its progress. Your first name gives you the most personal lessons; your middle name often contains hidden abilities you do not consciously try to develop (or ones you do not like); and your last name carries the characteristics shared by your whole family.

Destiny is the sum of all the letters in your first, middle and last names.


optimistic fun loving
imaginative persuasive
creative dramatic
gregarious generous

With a Destiny of Three, your contributions to the world are creativity and enthusiasm. You have the knack for creating pictures (whether verbally or graphically), which allows others to share your ideas. You bring joy and friendliness to life. Your easygoing attitude may account for your popularity, and you attract friends and lovers alike. Friends will be one of your most important assets and a source of refuge. Three has a gift for enjoyment and for taking advantage of spontaneous opportunities.

Three is also the number of synthesis. It is up to you to put together the various elements that will change and catalyze those around you.

You may have many talents and for this reason you must be careful not to scatter yourself too widely. Also, you have a tendency to live for pleasure, for momentary gratification, so that you may find moderating your great zest for life is beneficial to your overall well-being and balance. Your energy allows you to recover from illness easily and to enjoy an unusually healthy life.

You prefer to leave the details of a project for others to carry out.

You were not made to do heavy, manual labor requiring endurance. With ability to motivate others, Threes are natural leaders and spokespeople. When not given this position, you may get depressed and go off to develop something on your own -- perhaps a special talent.

The good life -- music, gourmet food, beautiful clothes, trinkets, presents, champagne -- is essential to you, and you do not worry too much about money. Three is a lucky number in the area of finances. You are a natural host or hostess. While you prefer people who are cerebral and have something to say, you may not be readily accepted by them if you exhibit a showy manner or talk too much. You have a tendency to expound on yourself and your ideas, assuming that others are vitally interested; it might be well to learn to recognize when you are just talking to fill a silence. You are almost always charming, buoyant, something of a flirt, and impulsive. 

Out of Balance, Contracted, or in Resistance

You are vain, extravagant, always looking for the silver lining. You may never feel quite fulfilled in your job or relationships because you are always restless and wanting to move on before the task is accomplished. Your worst side is irresponsible, uninhibited, superficial, gossipy, using others for your advantage. 


You will succeed where creativity, vision, social contacts, words, and a sense of humor are important. You can find work as a writer, entertainer, actor, magician, dancer, artist, illustrator, designer, cartoonist, florist, linguist, trial lawyer, teacher, promoter, salesman, evangelist, minister, playground builder or director, druggist, perfumer, toy maker, gift and novelty shop owner, a dealer of candy or food, a craftsperson, a beautician, clothing designer or salesperson, model, copywriter, editor, or photographer. 

Hopes and Fears

At your best, you are enthusiastic, outgoing, helpful, and optimistic.

You may deny facts because they are unpleasant, preferring your own version of reality. You fear personal criticism and do not want to be considered flashy, showy, shallow, or immature. You may boast about yourself to cover up a feeling of inferiority. You may resort to platitudes, aphorisms, and repetitive statements to create intimacy.


If a man, you are probably a better father than husband; if a woman, you make a very supportive wife. Your partner will need a sense of humor and a love of fine things to live with you. He or she should have the ability to adjust to sudden changes and be willing to participate in your active social life. He or she will have to be tolerant of your frequent extravagances. Try to consult your partner before making large expenditures. You may live rather spontaneously, so be sure you give your mate a chance to plan, if that is important to him or her. Your spouse (if a Four or Six Destiny) should understand that routine is something you will avoid if you can, and that you will not be reliable about time. You may have a bohemian lifestyle.

You may also drive your mate crazy with your careless scattering of your possessions (keys, notebooks, purses, hairbrushes). You may do all the talking in the relationship. You love children and respond to their fantasies. If female, you may find marriage offers you the opportunity to express your supportive, creative side. Many Three women do not work outside the home.

Go to top of pageRealization = 6


The question, "What will be my major accomplishment?" will be answered by your Realization number. It differs from the Destiny in that it describes what you will accomplish due to the combination of WHO YOU ARE (Birthpath) and what OPPORTUNITIES YOU ARE GIVEN (Destiny). Its influence is felt increasingly as you grow older.

The Realization number is the sum of your Birthpath number and your Destiny number, reduced to a single digit.

The individual letters of your name help you to fulfill the total Destiny number. The presence or lack of individual letters in a particular area indicates what strengths you have or what qualities you may have to consciously train yourself to acquire.

Additional support for your Destiny may come from one or more of your Pinnacles, the four numbers governing particular phases of your life.

If one of your Pinnacles is the same as your destiny number, this will be a very favorable time for you to accomplish or make significant progress towards your life's goals.

Three Birthpath + Three Destiny = Six Realization


An extremely fortunate combination for anyone in home and health product sales or who works as a high school speech or drama teacher.

You could have been a cheerleader or band person in youth and later maybe a fervent worker for the PTA or related community issues. You definitely need creative outlets and an active social circle. You would do well to participate in local drama or to study health, art, music, or dancing, perhaps obtaining a community college certificate.

You may marry exceptionally well. Your love of children means you will have more to do with them later in life. Living in a planned community would be fine if you felt the people were entertaining.

Go to top of pageHeart's Desire = 11/2

What motivates me?
What is most important to me?
How do I make my decisions?


The Heart's Desire reflects the foundation of your beliefs and attitudes towards life. It describes your inner motivations -- your values and how you set your priorities. This number is very important in the chart, since it indicates how you may handle your Destiny number.

The Heart's Desire is your instinctive knowing; its meaning is not always apparent to the outside world, and sometimes even you may be unaware of its impact. But look back on some of the major turning points in your life. What choices did you make at the time? For example, in your last job decision did you opt for great working conditions, improved status, or a higher salary? These are indications of your Heart's Desire.

It is important to compare your Heart's Desire number with the other positions on your chart to see how they might influence one another.

Sometimes there is a conflict, particularly if the Heart's Desire is incompatible with the Destiny and/or Birthday. In these cases, the Heart's Desire may drain energy from the others. By contrast, if your Heart's Desire is compatible, you will have increased chances for success.

Heart's Desire is the sum of all the vowels in your first, middle and last names.


As a Master number with special potential, the Eleven Heart's Desire makes you yearn for the unattainable. Perhaps high-strung, impressionable, or excitable, you are also very perceptive, intuitive, and insightful. However, you unconsciously thrive on uncertainty rather than reality. The atmosphere you crave has candlelight, music, comfort, romance, incense, and pink.

You seek out inspiring teachers and illuminating lectures. You tend to make up your mind impulsively before anyone can dissuade you.

You may, perhaps, desire to be as ethereal in looks as a Vogue model: to wear silk, white, and gold. You want to own glass, crystals, telescopes, and to listen to harp music.

You still believe in Prince Charming and the Perfect Woman, but homosexual tendencies are also a possibility. You are the artist, the aesthete, Odalisque, the refined gentleman, always charming, gracious, unusual. You may love to sleep. Practical facts are usually not your forte.


A Two Heart's Desire makes you sympathetic, kind, friendly, and understanding. You are yielding, feminine, tactful, and quiet. You are happy with aesthetics, art, and collections of things. Imaginative and tender, you love to be in love.

You take time in making up your mind since you often see both sides of a situation and may tend to polarize the issue. Sensitive to criticism, you are prone to be depressed if your self-esteem is wounded.

You may prefer working in the background and may not look for increased responsibilities. You are adept at taking care of the little details -- and can be a nit-picker. You do not feel comfortable in unfamiliar territory. You definitely need to work in a sympathetic, quiet environment. 

You prefer to negotiate, not force; you can be obsequious. You are easily influenced by the people you trust.

Go to top of pagePersonality = 1

How do people see me?
What impression do I give?
How does my Personality help me achieve success?
Does my Personality hinder me from getting what I want?


Your Personality number reveals how you appear to others. The people around you -- coworkers, friends, family -- may not know your Destiny or Heart's Desire, but chances are they can describe you and your attributes. This is the information revealed in the Personality number. Unlike other major numbers, which may define deep, seldom-glimpsed traits, your Personality number may even describe a social mask you use to protect yourself.

Personality is the sum of all the consonants in your first, middle and last names.


A One Personality appears assertive, independent, and confident -- with a candid manner toward all. People will see you as dynamic, courageous, and brave in the face of adversity. They will look to you for leadership or to solve their problems. You can capitalize on this quality if your vocation requires a strong public image.

Usually, people will project onto you the heroic qualities they admire: ambition, honesty, and integrity. You are goal-oriented, which can mean that you don't always soothe the feelings of the people you deal with when focussing on your work.

The One Personality can give the impression of being impatient (you are!), intellectual, and quick-tempered. Your sharp, witty tongue and verbal assaults keep people at a distance, but may be overlooked by your closest friends who value your unique characteristics.

Out of balance you tend in the direction of laziness, imitativeness, or selfishness. You may appear bossy, weak, or boastful. Cynicism is always a strong possibility because it is the dark side of your idealism. You won't compromise in certain areas.

You will want to work independently and will pursue innovation rather than convention. You are a self-starter and have excellent financial attractions.

Go to top of pageHabit Challenge = 8

What habitual response do I have that might be considered negative?


The Habit Challenge defines an area of your personality you may wish to improve: a tendency, which, when unbalanced, can become too much of a good thing; or a weak aspect you should develop. The challenge is to balance yourself between the two extremes of the Habit Challenge number.

For instance, if your Habit Challenge is a Two, you are either too sensitive and timid (letting others make your decisions) or you need to practice more cooperation and sensitivity. In fact, a person tends to exhibit both sides of the polarity depending on circumstances.

Habit Challenge is the number of letters in your first, middle and last names.


Watch out! You have a tendency to take charge, to dominate, to delegate, to be bossy. While this can be quite effective at work, it will not be much appreciated at home. This can cause more trouble for women than men (unless the woman has Twos or Threes elsewhere in her chart to help soften her impact). Your lesson is to learn to control without manipulation and intimidation. Your need to project a professional image compels you to work long hours.

If you are on the passive side of the Eight, you will have trouble making decisions, lacking self-confidence just when you need it most.

You may claim that you are quite uninterested in money or material success. You may attract authoritarian people into your life to serve as obstacles and to justify your lack of ambition.

Be careful that you do not put too much emphasis on the material qualities of life. Remember to have compassion for those not as fortunate or capable as you are, and watch your judgmental attitudes.

Don't try to do everything yourself -- delegate and forget it!

Go to top of pageTransition Periods -- Pinnacles and Challenges

Pinnacles - General Description

The Pinnacles of your chart describe your response to the environment, people, events, and experiences you will encounter during their influence. The Pinnacles and their corresponding Challenges represent the four major phases of your lifetime. Generally, the Pinnacle number is considered a benevolent force.

The Pinnacles must always be considered in light of your major numbers, especially the Destiny and the Birthpath.

The first Pinnacle occurring in your life will have a long-term effect on your attitude because you are, in a sense, molded by that first perspective and have no other experience with which to compare it. For example, if you had a beginning Pinnacle of Five, you may have moved often, changed jobs easily, had a variety of sexual partners, and feared that you just couldn't "stick" to anything. As a result, this Pinnacle taught you to rely on your quick thinking, to be versatile and flexible, and how to deal with people, thereby providing you with a broad scope of experiences before you chose a life's work. Many people tend to regard this first period as their "real" self, but, in fact, it is usually just the beginning.

Other times, however, the First Pinnacle may have a more lasting effect. For example, if your First Pinnacle is Seven, you may go through life as an observer -- quiet and studious. You may have an early sense of accomplishment by the mastering of a particular area.

You may see yourself as "the loner" all your life.

A person with a First Pinnacle of One will always carry a sense of self-sufficiency (if positively developed during the time of the Pinnacle).

Challenges - General Description

While the Pinnacles describe the events and environment of your life, the corresponding Challenges describe the inner limitations, fears, or handicaps with which you may be grappling while their influence is in effect.

Go to top of pageFirst Transition Period: From 33 to 41

Three Pinnacle with a Two Challenge

Three Pinnacle

The Years of Spontaneity and Expression

The Three Pinnacle usually indicates an easy time when thoughts are directed more to the present than to the future. As a First Pinnacle, there may be a tendency to drift into several different occupations, testing each and finding out what you like. You meet people, socialize, and spend time on pleasurable activities. You may feel life flows towards you. Your attitude may be youthful, easy come easy go.

Because the Three emphasizes creativity of any kind, the Pinnacle may be a time of child rearing as well as artistic pursuits. If you have an interest in dancing, acting, design, writing, speaking -- anything decorative or even luxurious -- take advantage of this period. Stay in touch with people, take short trips (especially on business), and enjoy yourself. Money is usually not a concern, but extravagance might be a problem. You may not have a long-term or nine-to-five job.

You will benefit from positive thinking, using your imagination to affirm your goals. Dream. Beautify. There may be a triangle in a relationship, but it is a good time for marriage overall.

Two Challenge

During a Two Challenge, you may experience self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Shyness or timidity may be a problem. You may be too easily influenced by what others say, even unintentionally, and may value their opinions over your own. You may avoid making decisions and prefer a job where you do not have the final authority. You may feel conditions are holding you back, and yet not feel that you want to take action to change that. During this time of sensitivity, you are actually accumulating knowledge and wisdom through patience and attention to detail. Be careful not to take everything too personally.

You will feel best when in a harmonious, quiet environment.

Friendships will be a source of deep satisfaction to you. This is a time to respect your ability to compromise and grow in a quiet way. Do not let details overwhelm you and keep you from seeing the big picture. Have faith in what is emerging, not in what you can draw forth.

Go to top of pageSecond Transition Period: From Age 42 to Age 50

Five Pinnacle with a Four Challenge

Five Pinnacle

The Years of Freedom and Adventure

You will be open to change, variety, and stimulation. Your task is to experience life in a broad way, rather than settling into a narrow or routine path. You may marry early, but your craving for independence may end the relationship. Sexual activity will be heightened and travel will be high on your list of priorities. A First Pinnacle of Five develops your resourcefulness, your ability to handle changing or uncertain circumstances, and gives you a wide spectrum of information. The spontaneity and impulsiveness are highlighted any time a Five Pinnacle is encountered.

A Five Pinnacle represents the public, worldly life. Appropriate vocations are in communications, news, sales, promotion, advertising, performing, radio, travel, and adventure. The Five is not domestic.

During a Second Pinnacle, you will experience a period of relative freedom, possibly working as a consultant or on a part-time basis. It is a good idea not to burn any bridges (vocational or domestic) based on your urges to explore. Work in a balanced way within this period for best results.

Four Challenge

During a Four Challenge, you are learning practical matters through restriction; nothing comes easily. You will have goals and work steadily for them. This number allows you to put your ideas into form.

There will be many obligations and people to take care of. You will very likely marry, have a family, buy a home, or construct something of lasting value. The lesson here is to pay attention, plan, carry on, build, save, and follow through. Curb impatience; do not cultivate rebelliousness. Try not to be stubborn or argumentative. Keep the facts of your situation in mind without being narrow-minded or literal. Watch out for self-righteousness or false moral attitudes. Do not be so focused on work that you are insensitive to the feelings of others. This is a period of real growth for those of you who have prominent Fives or Ones. You will learn to come through for family, employees, or employers. Contracts, time-lines, and money are your teachers.

Go to top of pageThird Transition Period: From Age 51 to Age 59

Eight Pinnacle with a Two Challenge

Eight Pinnacle

The Years of Power

Your natural milieu is a corporate or institutional setting. A

The lessons of an Eight Pinnacle are money, power, and authority. You learn about setting goals and making decisions. You are efficient, responsible, and usually supervise others. Cost-effectiveness is paramount.

During a Third Pinnacle, you have a good opportunity for being an executive (or being married to one). Your judgment is tested continually, and you tend to rely more on rational thinking than feelings. During an Eight Pinnacle, it may be hard for you to let go and relax. You tend to dress well and appear formal, businesslike, and self-confident. You may not have much tolerance for carelessness or unambitious people. Home life may be second to career in your priorities.

Two Challenge

During a Two Challenge, you may experience self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Shyness or timidity may be a problem. You may be too easily influenced by what others say, even unintentionally, and may value their opinions over your own. You may avoid making decisions and prefer a job where you do not have the final authority. You may feel conditions are holding you back, and yet not feel that you want to take action to change that. During this time of sensitivity, you are actually accumulating knowledge and wisdom through patience and attention to detail. Be careful not to take everything too personally.

You will feel best when in a harmonious, quiet environment.

Friendships will be a source of deep satisfaction to you. This is a time to respect your ability to compromise and grow in a quiet way. Do not let details overwhelm you and keep you from seeing the big picture. Have faith in what is emerging, not in what you can draw forth.

Go to top of pageFourth Transition Period: From Age 60 onwards

Seven Pinnacle with a Two Challenge

Seven Pinnacle

The Years of Reflection

You do not rely on your family the way an individual with a Six Pinnacle does. Unusual circumstances always bring the opportunity for deeper understanding and awareness of life's mysteries (if not resisted or denied). You may have eccentricities or special abilities in technical or scientific fields. Religion (through religious parents) may be a focus. You are selective in both your activities and your friends.

At any time of life, the Seven is a time of soul development. You may develop "moods" as a way of gaining time alone. Country living is well suited to life during a Seven Pinnacle. This is a time to study, develop, and think about life. You are learning to be alone, to know yourself, learning about the principles of right living and a right attitude. A Seven Pinnacle may bring difficulties in marriage, which must be worked out through faith and detachment from the need to control your spouse. The best relationship will be between two people with similar goals or ways of looking at the world. Be patient about money. People come to you for what you know.

A Last Pinnacle of Seven brings a spiritual depth to your life.

Two Challenge

During a Two Challenge, you may experience self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Shyness or timidity may be a problem. You may be too easily influenced by what others say, even unintentionally, and may value their opinions over your own. You may avoid making decisions and prefer a job where you do not have the final authority. You may feel conditions are holding you back, and yet not feel that you want to take action to change that. During this time of sensitivity, you are actually accumulating knowledge and wisdom through patience and attention to detail. Be careful not to take everything too personally.

You will feel best when in a harmonious, quiet environment.

Friendships will be a source of deep satisfaction to you. This is a time to respect your ability to compromise and grow in a quiet way. Do not let details overwhelm you and keep you from seeing the big picture. Have faith in what is emerging, not in what you can draw forth.

Go to top of pagePersonal Year, Month, Day


When you are faced with a decision or want to know the probability of certain events, the most illuminating number may be that of your Personal Year.

Each year, beginning January 1, you work through one of the Personal Years (One through Nine). The essential point to remember about the

Personal Year is that it describes EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO ACCOMPLISH DURING ITS COURSE. It is a strong tide able to guide you to a safe harbor. By flowing with it, you can accomplish everything you need to do. Knowing this, you can eliminate a lot of the anxiety about what you think you should be doing. Within each Personal Year is a monthly cycle that further regulates the ebb and flow of its influence.

The Personal Year cycle begins, of course, with a One year -- the time of planting new seeds, new ideas. Anything you start now has a good chance of being brought to fruition. Following this is the Two year, which allows patient development. The Three Year expands and creates, bringing increased activity, energy, enthusiasm, and interaction with the world. The Four year, in its turn, exerts pressure to organize, solidify, and maintain. This is not the time to give up or turn back.

The Five year opens up unforeseen possibilities, and you may find that you must be very resourceful, adaptable, and take some risks in order to move forward.

The Six year is a time to emphasize your relationships, and to serve others in a productive, nurturing way. There are compromises to be made this year for the benefit of others. In the Seven year, you essentially stop by the side of the road to reconsider if you are, indeed, travelling in the right direction to reach your destination.

It is a time-out; many people return to nature, leave work, or even become ill through a refusal to slow down under stress. There is a need for reflection, solitude, and questioning the meaning of what one is doing.

The Eight year returns you to the world of accomplishment and requires all your abilities and effort. You must pay attention, organize, and resume the battle of life. Often there is increased financial reward or promotion, but expenses (such as investments into a business) are high as well.

Finally comes the Nine Personal Year -- graduation. This is one of the most complex times, marked perhaps by confusion, drama, and disintegration. It is clearing the way for the return to a One Personal Year and a new beginning.

Many, many people seek psychotherapy during a Nine year. Because they experience so many shifts in attitudes, goals, and relationships they wonder where in the world they are headed. When it is explained that this is actually a positive time of completion, a time for discriminating between the good and the outdated, they are much relieved. They are advised to make no major decisions until after the fall of the year, pointing out that they are moving towards a new plateau (often a change of Pinnacle as well), the meaning of which will become clearer as they approach the next January. This breaking down is especially felt in the mid-life occurrence of a Nine Personal Year. All the Lessons we resisted in the previous nine years, or the business we left unfinished in accomplishing the goals of the Pinnacle, now return to be dealt with. Yet, it is also possible to feel triumphant during the Nine Personal Year!

Go to top of pageAnalysis for 2000: Your Personal Year Number is 5

A Five Personal Year is a good time to:

Take a risk
Watch for lucky breaks
Learn from sexual encounters
Be careful with contracts
Start jogging
Promote your business
Get into a drama group
Research what fascinates you
Not make promises
Visualize success
Imagine money in your mailbox
Play more backgammon
Be competitive

A Five Personal Year is a year of changes. You are in the middle of your nine-year cycle, so expect the world to send you surprises, especially in May and September.

Be flexible and follow your curiosity. This is a year of action. You may be feeling restless after the restriction of last year. Take the trip you planned and saved for. Avoid impulsive moves and don't burn your bridges. You have new energy and a new job will come your way.

You may have an affair.

Do not be modest -- promote and publicize yourself and your projects. Make the effort to get out, meet people, shake hands. People are attracted by your energy and enthusiasm.

Watch the tendency to overindulge in eating and drinking. Use your energy constructively. You will be less willing to follow the rules this year.

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January (Six Personal Month) -- A time of much responsibility. Take care of your family, your home. You may have a change in your domestic situation. You feel less that you know what is happening. You may meet your future mate. Serve others.

February (Seven Personal Month) -- You are very busy this year, and should take some time for rest now. Reevaluate. Do market research and pinpoint your audience. Don't worry if you are unemployed; wait for money to come when you need it most. There is strain between what you want and what you are given.

March (Eight Personal Month) -- If you are looking for a job, this will be the month you get something better than you expected. Promotion, more money, but more expenses. Excellent business influences. Use good judgment. Take risks only on what you have researched well. Exercise self-control.

April (Nine Personal Month) -- Finish all projects. This will be a rather confusing time. You feel adrift, restless, eager to start something, but what? Use your intuition. Ask your dreams for images to guide you. Take a long trip to get a new perspective. Get out of your rut, but don't force matters. Life will change enough without your help. Forgive. Be tolerant. Yield control.

May (One Personal Month) -- Very exciting possibilities emerge -- but they are yet to be tested for longevity. Enjoy your new energy; meet new people. A competitive time in business with excellent prospects for growth. A good month to risk, design, travel, explore.

June (Two Personal Month) -- Strong romantic possibilities. A slow month. A time of integration and changes in friendships. Small details make a big difference. Temporary delay in money. Be more receptive, less assertive. Drive carefully.

July (Three Personal Month) -- This month brings a strong urge to goof off. Take a vacation, play, and ignore responsibility, but put away your credit card. A scattered month with not much accomplished, but very busy and active. Your energy centers around friends, contacts, social life. Good for creativity if you can stay focused.

August (Four Personal Month) -- Back to work with a sigh. Changes in work schedules may bring more restrictions than feel comfortable to you. Your family calls. Pets have to be taken to the vet unexpectedly. Stay centered and make a list of goals.

September (Five Personal Month) -- A very restless month. You feel confused and scattered. Be very careful not to get into conflicts (although they may seem needed to clear the air). Travel. Work part-time if you can. Promote yourself, perform, or sell. Expect sexual problems. Do not make major decisions in this unstable time.

October (Six Personal Month) -- Changes in domestic scene. Are you getting married suddenly? Take care of family. Repair the house. People lean on you. You feel a little more secure and happy. A time to serve; do not be stubborn.

November (Seven Personal Month) -- A time out. Slow down. Money will come in its own time. There is a lesson you may not want to learn. Exercise. You may meet a very unusual person whom you feel you have known before. Do not have that affair with a married person!

December (Eight Personal Month) -- Excellent business opportunities this month as long-awaited change arrives. You work hard and reap much success. This is the time for promotion, money, authority, supervision, and work with groups and institutions. Buy, sell, exchange. You tend towards ostentatious behavior. You feel strong and confident.

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A Six Personal Year is a good time to:

Understand what your family means to you
Accept a proposal or offer one yourself
Take responsibility
Plant a garden
Cook, serve
Take in a foreign exchange student
Become a trainer
Remodel your house
Be a Big Brother or Sister
Go to church
Visit your relatives
Hug, communicate
Sing, paint

In a Six Personal Year, you are more aware of responsibility and obligation. The purpose of this time is to give you an opportunity to create a harmonious atmosphere. Your major numbers may support this time of domestic life and helping others. If you have many Threes, Fives or Ones, however, you may not welcome this somewhat conventional and traditional period.

Domestic affairs take up a lot of time. You must think of others, at times putting them ahead of your own desires. Marriage, happy or in strife, may be an issue. It is an excellent time for settling into a permanent relationships, having a child, building a home, or becoming a teacher.

It is both a nurturing and testing time -- you will learn to give back some of the bounty you have received. It is not a time for impulsive actions, petulant behavior, or a self-centered attitude. It is a time for generosity, forgiveness, growth, and maturity.

Monthly Guide for a Six Personal Year

January (Seven Personal Month) -- A slow start to the year. Health may be a problem, and you will rely on your family to see you through. You may feel like taking a class. Your spiritual side is prominent.

February (Eight Personal Month) -- A month full of responsibility and hard work. A major decision about your domestic life is made. Take out insurance, repair the house, remodel, and add on. Buy a Mercedes, if you can. Promotion at work; you deal with groups and institutions. Buy and sell. You feel confident.

March (Nine Personal Month) -- Very strong feeling of completion, but do not attempt new ventures yet. You feel the pull toward religion and community action groups. Perhaps you suffer the loss of a relative. There may be long-distance travel involving a family member or service group. Inheritance.

April (One Personal Month) -- Go-ahead for new project. Fresh energy and vitality associated with a feeling of accomplishment. Excellent time for marriage or meeting your future mate. Excellent for the birth of a child. Buy a new house.

May (Two Personal Month) -- There are many points of view to be considered. Slow down. Time is needed for maturation and growth. Spend time with mate, family, and friends. May be in the hospital for a rest. Take classes, get more information.

June (Three Personal Month) -- More vitality than last month; a creative urge, great for art and music. Buy new clothes; take a trip; entertain at home; have a child; start a garden. Buy carpeting, drapes, and wallpaper; buy flowers. Money does not seem to worry you now. You bring light to others' problems.

July (Four Personal Month) -- Time of much restriction and responsibility. Do not travel. Get work done at home and on the job. More supervising, teaching. Visit sick relatives. Replenish your savings account. Work on the house. You are learning patience, endurance, and follow-through.

August (Five Personal Month) -- You experience change or conflict on the home front. Be flexible and adaptable now. Good time for a trip this year. Serve the public. You may meet a possible mate. Follow your curiosity, explore new ideas.

September (Six Personal Month) -- A very physically taxing month for you. Be very careful how you schedule yourself. Promises you've made must be kept now. Resist becoming embroiled in family fights and spend the energy on redoing the house. Make sure you understand your priorities. Others are very demanding, and you may become stubborn in maintaining your position.

October (Seven Personal Month) -- Things quiet down -- or maybe you collapse! Spend time alone. Carefully finish those projects that are most important to you. Explain to your family that you need to have some room to yourself. A time to retreat.

November (Eight Personal Month) -- Another major push to accomplish. Realize how competent you are. Buy a burglar alarm. Begin a disciplined health program. You may be promoted or receive money that has been coming for some time. Buy something of long-lasting value. Make a major decision about your family life. Serve on a jury.

December (Nine Personal Month) -- Perhaps a time of very great accomplishment and satisfaction. Finish all projects and do not start anything new. Be tolerant and philosophical in all matters. Let your higher self (not your ego) make decisions. Let go and aid humanitarian causes.

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