How To Write A Great CV or Résumé


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Section 5 - Summary

Essential Points

Here again are the essential points to remember when compiling your CV or Résumé:

  • One size doesn't fit all! One CV or Résumé doesn't fit all situations - custom fit each application to the job you are targeting
  • Presentation - your application needs to be clear, legibile, organised and formatted according to any instructions given
  • Sell yourself in the first paragraph or you wasted your time writing it
  • Value add your words to create a positive impression, more than the mere facts describe
  • Avoid any negative issues, criticisms or degoratory remarks - mud sticks!
  • Get the priorities right. Ensure the most important information is the first to be read in each section i.e. most recent career history, highest qualification
  • Key words - make sure that you have used all the significant words that are relevant to the job being targeted.
  • You get out, what you put in! The end results depend to a large extent on the amount of effort you put in to creating your CV or Résumé, in the first place.

There you have it - the basic ingredients for writing a "killer" CV or Résumé. Armed with this information you should be able to do a good makeover on your current CV or Résumé and apply for your next job with a more targeted approach.

However, don't stop there - look at job agencies in your area and on the internet for any useful templates that will help you format and present your personal information in a way that is suitable for your location or the industry that you work in. You will also find references below which may assist you further.

Happy job hunting!



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Further Reading

There are many books on writing CV's. Here are a few that are worth reading:

Writing a CV that works
by Paul McGee (ISBN 1857033655)
(Mainly aimed at the UK job market)

Getting Through! -How to make words work
by Godfrey Howard (ISBN 0-7153-9410-X)
(Techniques for getting more out of the words you use)

The Global Resume and CV Guide
by Mary Anne Thompson (ISBN 0471380768)

(Information on different country specifics and lists many resources)