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Get your first 10 minutes* from only 59c/min by calling our operators on 1800 985 301 then pay from AUD$2.73/min for credit/debit card callers.

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Call using your phone bill on
1902 255 300 at AUD$4.95/min inc GST, mobiles & payphones more. Callers must be 18+ to use this service, provided by StreamLive.

UK & International callers, phone on +44 1635 000 889 from 29p/min for the first 10 minutes (new customers only), then from 99p/min.

For entertainment purposes

*The reduced price offer is only available to new customers paying by credit/debit card. A new customer is defined as a new customer of Stream Live Ltd or any associated partner such as The Circle. The offer is not available on calls paid on your phone bill. Your first ten minutes will be billed at the reduced rate advertised per minute thereafter you will pay the standard rate per minute.

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Leonardo Da Vinci - April 15, 1452

Leonardo Da Vinci - numerology gridRuling Number = 22/4

22/4 is a master number and people born with this ruling number possess unlimited potential. When fully aware, they can successfully master any aspect of life into which they are directed. They can exhibit outstanding leadership, although may naturally work behind the scenes in driving forward new ideas and enacting their life purpose of evolving enlightenment.

Arrow of Passivity

(7-8-9 missing) These missing numbers represent the thinkers and planners, rather than the active "doers". There is generally associated with this arrow, a natural desire to live a balanced harmonious life with peaceful co-existence..

Arrow of Poor Memory

(3-6-9 missing) The absence of numbers on th emental plane does not indicate that the person cannot think, but rather that the person has to work hard to keep their memory active.

Two 1's

Good communicator, and comfortable about expressing personal feelings. Good sense of self esteem.

Number 2

Good intuition and empathy with others. Sensitive to the environment around them.

Two 4's

Very practically minded with a keen interest in the material aspects of life and the physical world.

Two 5's

Extreme concentration and driving intensity.

Day Number = 6

The 6 is the number of creativity. As a day number, the 6 is often a representation of the emotional needs which create the situations that drive the emotional energy of this number. Out of balance traits in particular are clinginess and emotional dependence.

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