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Peter Garrett, April 16th 1953

(Musician, singer in Midnight Oil, environmental activist and politician.)

Peter Garrett - numerology gridRuling Number = 11/2

The 11 in Numerology is a master number, indicative of a higher level spiritual purpose. It can also be reduced to 2 which shows a strong intuition. People born with the 11 ruling number often have a drive to make a difference in some way. They usually have a great deal of energy and achieve many things in their life.

Arrow of Determination

(1-5-9) See's a job through to the finish and will carry on when others want to give up or take a break. A strong commitment to goals and will keep pushing until they reach their target.

Arrow of the Intellect

(3-6-9) Good imagination, strong creativity and highy analytical skills combine in a formidable intellect and academic ability.

Arrow of the Will

(4-5-6) Nothing is going to stand in the way of this force of will. The dynamism and often stubborn determination is a goal winner and can quite literally be a bulldozer of everything in its path.

Two 1's

Good communicator, and comfortable about expressing personal feelings. Good sense of self esteem.

Day Number = 7

The 7 day number may mean many sacrifices as life's lessons are learned the hard way, sometimes through the pocket at other times through health.

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