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1800 985 301 First 10 mins* for 59c/min (AUD $3.95/min after the first 10 mins)
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1902 255 300
(AUD $4.95/min, mobiles & payphones extra. Callers must be 18+ to use this service, provided by StreamLive)

UK & International callers, phone +44 1635 000 889 (29p/min for the first 10 mins, then GBP 1.50/min)

For entertainment purposes

* The reduced price offer is only available to new customers paying by credit/debit card. A new customer is defined as a new customer of Stream Live Ltd or any associated partner such as The Circle. The offer is not available on calls paid on your phone bill. Your first ten minutes will be billed at the reduced rate as advertised per minute thereafter you will pay the standard rate per minute.

What is Psychic Power? What does it mean?

Psychic ability is often referred to as Psychic Power or Psychic Gifts but these terms can sometimes be misleading or misconstrued.

The word "Power" tends to suggest a force that may be wielded or used.

The word "Gift" tends to suggest something that has been bestowed on a fortunate person.

Whereas "Ability" means just that - that the person is "able" to divine information "psychically". and there are various ways that this can be measured or tested - to a degree.

Everyone has some psychic ability, but some have become more attuned to using their psychic abilities and consequently are better at it than others. Most people put their psychic abilities down to hunches or feminine intuition - but these are just different words for the same thing.

Children tend to be much more attuned to their psychic ability than adults. We are born with an open mind and then gradually close it as we are told that imaginary friends don't exist or that you couldn't possibly have known something that hadn't come true yet so you "must be making it up".

Another commonly used term by psychics is "channeling" and is an attempt to describe the process of receiving information from spirit. It is a word that describes the psychic connection in a way that people can relate to or visualise. It tends to suggest a linear conduit however it is probably as inaccurate a term as all the other descriptions used to define how psychics work. Much of the problem is that we are using physical world concepts to describe something that is very etheric in nature.

Just as it is difficult to define a cube on a flat piece of paper - the eye is given information that it can interpret as a cube, even though all of the lines and shapes are two-dimensional - the brain can interpret the lines in a way that makes sense in three dimensions and so it is possible to see a cube on a flat piece of paper.

So everything is based on the perceptions and values of the observer - if you only perceive "flat" then you will never see a cube. Similarly "psychic" ability only exists to those who can perceive it.

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